We price our projects in three ways, depending on the project and approach.

We'll work within your budget to make your project a reality. Sometimes that means taking a phased approach, where small pieces of functionality are built on over time. Other times, it means diving in headfirst and taking on a dream project.

 People Price

Also known as: Team-Based Pricing

A true partnership: We take a look at your high-level technology goals, and put together a team of consultants, project managers, and developers based on those needs. We give you a fixed-monthly price for your dedicated team, making it possible to cover ongoing development and maintenance needs while controlling costs and adjusting scope. With People Pricing, our clients enjoy the benefits of an in-house development team without hiring and without the worry of runaway costs.  

What types of projects are priced this way?
Long-term development projects, ongoing maintenance and improvement, partnership arrangements

 Pace Price

Also known as: Time and Materials

We give you a line-by-line estimate for each feature of your project, including everything from graphic and user experience design to website and web app development. Once you sign off, we begin work on the project, tracking our time against your budget on a daily basis and billing you once a month. Our project managers report on the percent of work complete versus the budget used, and alert you if your project is projected to go over budget so we can agree on the best path forward.

What types of projects are priced this way?
App development, data projects, and design

 Precise Price

Also known as: Fixed Cost

We give you a line-by-line price for each phase or feature of your project, just like our time and materials projects. With this type of project, you’re billed once at the start of the project, and then several more times based on milestones we decide together. Our project managers report on the scope of work complete versus predefined phases of the project. If scope is added to a fixed-cost project, a new price is issued for the change.

What types of projects are priced this way?
Discovery, consulting, Salesforce


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How do we decide what pricing option is best? The best structure depends on 2 main factors that we discuss with our clients upfront.

How complex is the project?

Large, multi-phase development projects for things like websites and web apps often require ongoing commitments. For these projects, arrangements based on People or Pace Pricing give clients the best results because they allow for changes in scope over time without the need to re-price a project.

How much is unknown?

When the work is clear-cut, a Precise Price project gives clients a known price for a pre-defined scope of work. Discovery engagements, consulting projects, and Salesforce implementations are the kinds of projects that don’t often result in surprises or scope changes.

No Hidden Fees

Our pricing includes add-ons for key elements that depend on the type and complexity of your project.

Project Management

When you GoBrio, you get a dedicated project manager that’s in daily contact with you and your team, nurturing it through our process and championing it’s success. Read more about our Process >


At the outset of any project, there can be outstanding questions and research needed to make informed technical decisions.


Laying the foundation for a technical project requires defining the approach and setting standards that can be used immediately, and built on in the future.


Communication with the development team is critical to a project’s success, and our devops time is dedicated to creating a smooth path forward by clarifying specs, answering questions, and clearing blockers.

Quality Assurance

Delivering websites and web apps that work is the most important part of our business, and why we pour ourselves into extensive testing to minimize bugs and issues in the final product.


Any recurring or one-time expenses for licensing, hosting, or other costs are covered separately. When we provide pricing, we include all known third-party costs.

Ready to work together?

Let’s get the conversation started. Here’s what happens next:

  • A phone call. We talk with project stakeholders to define the scope of the project, work included, and pricing structure.
  • A few documents. We create a Master Services Agreement and Work Order that outlines the specific work needed to complete the scope, and what it will cost.
  • Questions? -- and a few signatures. We answer questions and revise scope as needed until both parties have a complete Work Order.
  • A kick off. We take a deposit for the project and start it with a team meeting.